A powerful combination

Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 harnesses the natural goodness of ripe tomatoes and oily marine fish – two heart-healthy ingredients – in order to smooth blood platelets, maintain healthy blood flow and help maintain a healthy heart.

Each capsule of Fruitflow®+Omega-3 contains 150mg of Fruitflow® and 250mg of the purest Omega-3, from the most trusted source, to help boost your DHA/EPA levels.

Our published clinical study has shown that Fruitflow® works to maintain healthy blood flow, in a similar way to 75mg aspirin, but with a milder and reversible action. In fact, Fruitflow® has a similar antiplatelet effect to a single dose of aspirin – but when taken daily, it has none of aspirin’s side effects. Read more

Importantly, our science has been validated both by leading peer review publications and regulatory authorities. Both Fruitflow® and Omega-3 have health claims approved by the European Food Safety Authority and the European Commission.

Also, Fruitflow® is the ONLY natural antiplatelet to have a health claim approved by the European Food Safety Authority, stating that 150mg of Fruitflow® “helps maintain normal platelet aggregation, which contributes to healthy blood flow”.


What is Fruitflow®?

Fruitflow® is an extract from the jelly around the seeds of sun-ripened tomatoes. Selected tomatoes are crushed to paste, the skin and seeds are removed, and the bioactive compounds in the extracted clear juice are concentrated. The result is Fruitflow® – a highly concentrated form of precious bioactives – which is lycopene-free and contains over 30 known anti-platelet compounds.

Natural Fruitflow® is a breakthrough ingredient that helps with platelet aggregation. This helps promote normal blood flow & circulation, which in turn benefits your cardiovascular health. It helps the platelets to circulate freely and smoothly throughout your blood, without sticking to one another or to the blood vessels themselves. Freely flowing blood helps reduce stress on your cardiovascular system.