Fruitflow® vs 75mg Aspirin

Our published clinical study has shown that Fruitflow® works to maintain healthy blood flow, in a similar way to 75mg aspirin, but with a milder and reversible action. In fact, Fruitflow® has a similar antiplatelet effect to a single dose of aspirin – but when taken daily, it has none of aspirin’s side effects.

Daily aspirin has an irreversible effect on blood platelets, bringing their normal signalling close to a complete halt, so that the blood clots much more slowly – up to ten times more slowly than normal. This effect is permanent as long as aspirin is taken, and for some time afterwards. Essentially, platelets are so strongly affected by aspirin that the body can struggle to control blood clotting. This can result in internal bleeding or excessive blood loss following an injury.

For this reason, it’s not recommended that anyone takes aspirin unless they have consulted a doctor.

In contrast, Fruitflow® acts reversibly, slowing the reactions of blood platelets down, but letting them clot normally if they receive a strong stress signal from the body. Due to its reversible action, Fruitflow® has been shown to have no effect on normal blood clotting, so is a good alternative for healthy adults who want to support their cardiovascular health.