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We are featured on page 68 of the Live to 100 magazine. The issue can be found here.

Fruitflow®+ Omega-3: The revolution in heart health

When it comes to heart health, we all likely now know the buzzwords about watching our blood pressure and keeping our cholesterol levels in check, but recent research reveals that only 1 in 10 cite ‘improving blood flow’ as a consideration in heart health[1]. However, blood flow is something people need to be more aware of, as it deteriorates with age and is impacted by a surprising number of factors.

Despite cardiovascular disease (CVD) remaining a top killer in the over 45s age group[2], many are still ill informed about heart health. Many aren’t aware that from about the age of 40 their blood platelets tend to get sticky more of the time, meaning their blood flows less smoothly. They also don’t know that blood platelets are impacted daily by modern lifestyle triggers such as stress, diet, alcohol, lack of or over exercise and by hormones (pregnancy, pre- and post-menopause). This means that anyone can experience sticky platelets and therefore be at risk of blood clotting, heart disease and raised blood pressure.

What is most concerning, though, is that those who are aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy blood flow, still seem to think that a daily aspirin is the answer. One in ten[3] over 45’s continue to take low-dose aspirin daily as a blood thinner, ‘just in case’ and to ward off a heart attack. Yet worldwide clinical guidelines have, for years, stated that those not at high risk of CVD should not be taking aspirin as a preventative, because the risk of side effects (potential bleeding into the brain or stomach) outweighs the benefits[4].

Fortunately, now there’s a 100% natural, safe, scientifically proven solution for healthy blood flow. Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 harnesses the natural goodness of ripe tomatoes and oily marine fish – two heart-healthy ingredients – in order to smooth blood platelets, maintain healthy blood flow and a healthy heart. It’s been developed by scientists, is respected by leading doctors & approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

Recent studies published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown that Fruitflow® works in a similar way to aspirin (smoothing blood platelets to prevent clotting), but more gently so that it doesn’t cause the side effects common among aspirin users. Further studies by the University of Oslo have shown how one daily capsule of Fruitflow® has beneficial effects on high blood pressure, too. And other research shows that Fruitflow® could help in preventing DVT.

Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 is available to buy from at £14 for a 30 day subscription.

Ken, 60s, Greater London

“I’ve been taking Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 for 4 years and I’m convinced it works. I can definitely feel the benefits. My blood pressure is lower; I have more energy; I no longer suffer from cramp or headaches as I did previously; and better circulation has enabled me to continue activities normally curtailed by age”.

[1] Consumer polling undertaken by 72 point in June 2016, involving 2000 UK respondents aged 45 years and over on behalf of Provexis Ltd.

[2]; Cardiovascular disease (CVD) remains the number one killer worldwide, claiming 17.3 million deaths globally in 2013 and one death every three minutes in UK. Whilst in the UK dementia and Alzheimers have reportedly taken over as the leading cause of death, heart disease remains the leading cause of death for men.

[3] ONS figures show 28, 269, 630 over 45’s living in UK. 1 in 10 = 2, 826, 963

[4] Research from London’s Queen Mary University reported side effects like severe stomach bleeding and ulcers which led to nearly 900 deaths a year. SOURCE:

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