How effective is Fruitflow® compared with Aspirin?

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Provexis have conducted a clinical trial that compares the effectiveness of Fruitflow® with Aspirin.

It found that Fruitflow® slows the reactions of platelets down but still lets them clot normally, while daily Aspirin brings them close to a complete halt so that they clot much more slowly. This means that Fruitflow® is suitable to reduce platelet hyperactivity in normal people. Aspirin maybe necessary for those at really high risk but is <em>unsafe in normal people</em>. The difference arises because although Fruitflow® and Aspirin share several points of action, they also diverge: Aspirin in <em>an irreversible</em> manner, Fruitflow® in a reversible manner.

This study was submitted to the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition (EJCN) in February 2016.

In some people, long-term use of Aspirin can result in gastric bleeding. Fruitflow® is not known to have any such effect.