I have high blood pressure. Can Fruitflow®+ help this?


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A new published study, undertaken at the University of Oslo, has shown that one daily capsule of Fruitflow® has beneficial effects on hypertension, as well as blood flow. During the study, Fruitflow® was shown to significantly lower blood pressure in men with slightly raised blood pressure.
Not only that, but the study showed how even those with relatively healthy blood pressure readings had blood pressure ‘spikes’, taking them to hypertensive readings, during a 24-hour period. This shows the daily variability of blood pressure. However, after just one dose of Fruitflow® these spikes dropped significantly, moving the readings back to within normal levels.
This is exciting news, as Fruitflow® has now been shown to benefit two of the three pillars of heart health – blood pressure and blood flow. These studies provide compelling evidence of how a dietary approach can help maintain cardiovascular health.