Should I stop taking Aspirin and stick to Fruitflow® instead?

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As Fruitflow® is intended for maintenance of heart health rather than treatment of heart disease, it has been designed to reduce platelet aggregation less aggressively than antiplatelet drugs such as aspirin.  Aspirin will result in total and irreversible inhibition of platelet aggregation – which is why bleeding complications can sometimes occur.

Fruitflow® contains sufficient bioactive tomato components to give a significant reduction in platelet function; although less than 100%, this level of platelet inhibition is a safer and more acceptable outcome from a natural health supplement.

However, Fruitflow® is not a drug, nor has it been developed to replace drugs for patients who need them.   It has been developed for healthy adults who understand the dangers of cardiovascular disease, and want to take control of their diet and lifestyle to maintain cardiovascular health.  If you are taking anticoagulant medication, such as a daily dose of Aspirin, then you should seek your doctor’s advice as to what is most appropriate for you