Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 fish oil supplements; proven solution for healthy blood flow, circulation and cardiovascular health

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Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 is a natural and clinically proven way to help maintain normal blood flow and a healthy heart – without medication, without side-effects.

Its benefits have been published in leading peer review journals and approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

Respected by leading health professionals

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“I would recommend this to my patients”Dr. Dawn Harper
“A simple extract from tomatoes as effective for the blood flow in the human body as aspirin”Dr. Hillary Jones
“There is no doubt that this is of benefit”Dr. Ayan Panja

What is Fruitflow®+ Omega-3?

Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 provides a natural, proven way to keep the platelets in the blood smooth, supporting healthy blood flow and normal heart function – without medication or side effects.

Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 offers the first 100% natural, safe, scientifically proven solution for healthy blood flow and cardiovascular health. It can be used in primary prevention for healthy adults who understand the dangers of cardiovascular disease and want to take control of their diet and lifestyle to maintain good cardiovascular health.

Easy on the stomach

No side effects

Does not prevent normal blood clotting