A healthy cardiovascular system

To be fighting fit throughout your life, it’s important to start from the heart. Your cardiovascular system includes your heart, your blood vessels, and your blood. Your heart is the body’s hardest working organ. Even at rest your heart can pump 5 litres of blood around the body every minute, beating up to 100,000 times per day.

With every heartbeat, blood is pumped through a system of blood vessels that carry blood throughout your body, delivering critical nutrients and oxygen to every cell. A strong, healthy cardiovascular system means the heart, blood vessels and blood circulation are all working well. And Fruitflow® + Omega-3 can help.


Blood flow & circulation: the third pillar of heart health

Many of us know we need healthy cholesterol levels and to manage blood pressure, but don’t consider blood flow.

Yet, healthy blood flow is fundamental in maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system and avoiding dangerous blood clots. A healthy cardiovascular system is one with no constrictions in the blood vessels, and with smoothly flowing blood.