The Fruitflow® Discovery

1990s – what is in fruit and veg that protects against cardiovascular disease?


Twenty years ago scientists thought it was the antioxidants in fruit and vegetables that were reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. However, several scientific studies could not justify this.

So scientists looked to blood platelets to understand their role in cardiovascular disease.

Surprisingly, blood platelets were found to be one of the most important factors in a healthy cardiovascular system.

Platelets are fragments of cells in the blood, which can change function from being smooth to spiky and sticky. When they are smooth they circulate easily. However, if they become sticky they can stick to the blood vessels and send out signals for other platelets to join them to form a clot. Whilst this is obviously vital in an injury, it’s dangerous if it happens inside a blood vessel.

Scientists found that hyperactive or ‘spiky’ platelets are involved in the narrowing and hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis). They are also involved in high blood pressure and cardiac ‘events’ such as heart attack or strokes.

The surprise ingredient inside the tomato


At the University of Aberdeen, Professor Asim Duttaroy studied whether fruits contained anti-platelet compounds that could prevent cardiovascular disease.

He discovered that of all the fruits tested, the humble tomato contained the most potent anti-platelet compounds. He found these compounds in the yellow jelly around the tomato seeds – so nothing to do with lycopene.

Unlocking the power of the Fruitflow® extract

It took many more years of work to take this original scientific observation and develop a proven product. First, a team of scientists isolated and identified the tomato’s active compounds and developed them into a form with the greatest benefit. Then they measured the effect on platelets when men and women consumed the tomato extract, to work out the best daily dosage.

Of course safety was a priority, and studies showed that the natural tomato compounds did not cause the same side effects as anti-platelet drugs. The team then tested Fruitflow®’s benefits after a few hours, after a day, and after several weeks. They also researched the specific changes in the platelet to identify the exact benefit of Fruitflow®. This data was gathered and published to prove that the natural tomato extract called Fruitflow® really does work.

Then, in 2016 the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published studies showing that Fruitflow® works in a similar way to aspirin. However, it works more gently so that it doesn’t cause the side effects which are common among aspirin users.
Importantly, both scientific and regulatory authorities clearly state that medicines such as aspirin should only be used for treating cardiovascular disease – not for prevention. Now Fruitflow® is a proven, natural option for healthy adults who want to maintain healthy blood flow and circulation, without medication.

2017 – studying blood pressure

We are learning all the time about the power of the Fruitflow® extract. Recent studies have shown it to be anti-inflammatory. In addition, current studies show that a standard dose of Fruitflow® reduces blood pressure – another of the three key pillars of heart health.