How to lead a heart healthy life

Improving your diet and lifestyle will help keep your cardiovascular system strong, and including Fruitflow® + Omega-3 into your daily routine is an easy and simple way to manage blood flow.

Fruitflow® is an active ingredient found in the jelly around the seeds of a tomato and Omega-3 is made from fabulous fish oils – together they offer a two-in-one health hit to ensure greater cardioprotective effect!

Fruitflow® + Omega-3 is easy on the stomach, has no side effects, and does not prevent normal blood clotting. Take one capsule daily for at least six weeks to achieve optimal and sustainable effects.

Further things to consider are…

Enjoy a balanced diet

A healthy, balanced diet which contains healthy fats, plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, and not too much red meat is the basis for long term health. Balance your diet by including whole grain products, nuts and fish. Stay well hydrated and avoid excess alcohol.

Exercise regularly

Frequent moderate exercise is key for maintaining your blood vessel health. Moderate exercise encourages the body to produce a substance called nitric oxide, which keeps your blood vessels relaxed and elastic, as well as helping to prevent type 2 diabetes and control weight. Aim to achieve 150 minutes of exercise a week.

Control your weight

Keeping your body weight in a healthy range helps to control blood cholesterol and limit the build up of fatty deposits in your arteries. Being a healthy weight also keeps the blood vessel lining (endothelium) responsive to nitric oxide, so that they stay elastic.

Manage cholesterol levels and blood pressure

Visit your GP once a year to find out your blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels. Small changes to lifestyle can help to keep these within healthy ranges.

Relax and try to reduce stress

Stress makes nitric oxide less effective so that blood vessels constrict, reducing the space available for blood transport and increasing pressure on the whole cardiovascular system.

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