Sport & exercise recovery

Sport & exercise recovery

Fruitflow® reduces the inflammation caused by sport & exercise, for reduced muscle soreness and so faster recovery. Team Sunweb Pro Cycling have added Fruitflow® to their nutritional programme – which they believe helped give them a performance edge and two top 10 placings in the general classification at the 2018 Giro d’Italia.

Sport & exercise release thrombin and epinephrine (adrenaline) into the blood stream, activating blood platelets and causing inflammatory stress, which contributes to muscle soreness (DOMS) and slows down recovery and adaptation processes. This happens in everyone. Even highly trained athletes experience significant inflammation after a vigorous training session and the effects last up to 48 hours.

Studies in elite rowers & recreational runners have shown that a supplement containing Fruitflow® reduces the toxic effects of exercise by more than half, and Team Sunweb have felt the difference.

“In any tour, the third week is when events are won or lost, because the riders have already endured days in the saddle. That’s why speed and quality of recovery are absolutely vital for consistently high performance. Since it proved such a success at this event, Fruitflow® will now be playing an important role in optimising the nutrition for Team Sunweb in future”.

Team Sunweb Nutritionist, Titia van der Stelt

“Towards the last days of the Giro, keeping the power output high was a challenge. Recovery after each day becomes key. I felt that by adding Fruitflow® to our nutrition regime, it contributed to feeling stronger in the final days.”

Tom Dumoulin, pro cyclist, Team Sunweb

Take one Fruitflow® + capsule 1.5 – 3 hours before sport or exercise.  With daily use, Fruitflow® will prepare your body to recover better after sport and exercise.  Do not wait until after exercise to take a capsule.

Fruitflow® provides improved recovery between training sessions, enabling more effective training. The sooner you recover, the sooner you can go out training again, and the more you train, the better you get.

We are continuing performance studies on an enhanced Fruitflow® formulation to develop bespoke sports nutrition products.

See how Fruitflow® could help you recover from sport and exercise

Whether you are pushing your performance or just want to get more from occasional exercise, Fruitflow® can help you recover better.  Choose the description that best fits you to find out how.

Committed Athlete

When you only have hours between training sessions, optimising your recovery is crucial for performance gains. Research shows that platelets start to be affected after 3 minutes of intense training and the impact lasts up to 48 hours – even in highly trained athletes.
Taking Fruitflow® before sport  helps reduce the toxic effects of training, enabling better recovery, so you can train harder at the next session – and it it also supports a stronger immune system.

Weekend Warrior

Giving your all to sporting targets in your spare time while keeping up the day job is a recipe for morning-after muscle soreness. Especially if your exercise tends to be at a higher intensity. HIIT training is effective for fitness, but platelets start to be affected after just 3 minutes of intense training. Taking Fruitflow® before you start will help to suppress the inflammation caused during exercise, helping you to recover better. With fewer aches, you can get more out of every session.

Occasional Exerciser

Starting an exercise regime, taking up a new sport or just moving your activity to a higher level is an uphill task. Recovering between sessions can take days, due to the overall stress on the body while it adjusts to your new regime. Taking Fruitflow® before exercise can help to reduce this stress, and speed up your recovery, letting you exercise again sooner, build up quicker and enjoy exercising more.