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One in ten healthy Brits take aspirin as a blood thinner “just in case”, and against medical guidelines.  Now there’s a natural, safe and scientifically proven alternative to staying healthy this summer – Fruitflow®+ Omega-3.

As the summer approaches, it’s the perfect time to ensure you’re not just looking your best on the outside but that you’re feeling your best inside. And where better to start than with the heart? Shocking new research[1] reveals that one in ten[2] over 45’s continue to take low-dose aspirin daily as a blood thinner, ’just in case’ and to ward off a heart attack, whilst worldwide clinical guidelines have advised against this for years. Guidelines state that those not at high risk of cardiovascular disease should not be taking aspirin as a preventative, because the risk of side effects (potential bleeding into the brain or stomach) outweighs the benefits[3].

Now there’s a 100% natural, safe, scientifically proven solution for healthy blood flow and cardiovascular health. Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 harnesses the natural goodness of ripe tomatoes and oily marine fish – two heart-healthy ingredients – in order to smooth blood platelets, maintain healthy blood flow and help maintain a healthy heart. It has been developed by scientists, is respected by leading doctors & approved by the European Food Safety Authority.

Recent studies published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition have shown that Fruitflow® works in a similar way to aspirin (smoothing blood platelets to prevent clotting), but more gently so that it doesn’t cause the side effects common among aspirin users. Further studies by the University of Oslo have shown how one daily capsule of Fruitflow® has beneficial effects on high blood pressure, too. And latest findings show that Fruitflow® could provide a solution to DVT, which makes it the perfect summer supplement for those flights.

Dr Niamh O’Kennedy, research scientist in cardiovascular health, based at University of Aberdeen, states:

“It’s reassuring that people are aware of the importance of blood flow, alongside healthy blood pressure and cholesterol. And it’s good that they’re thinking about it at 45 years old, as blood flow deteriorates and gets stickier from about the age of 40. It’s also significantly impacted by modern lifestyles (stress, diet, lack of or over exercise, alcohol etc) and hormones (pregnancy, pre- and post-menopause). All of this can mean a rise in the risk of blood clotting, heart disease and raised blood pressure.

What is concerning though, is that people are turning to aspirin as a quick fix, when there’s plenty they can do to support their cardiovascular system before resorting to medication. Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 is a 100% natural, safe, solution and scientific research has shown that just one capsule, taken daily, will help maintain normal blood flow and a healthy heart”.

[1] Consumer polling undertaken by 72 point in June 2016, involving 2000 UK respondents aged 45 years and over on behalf of Provexis Ltd.

[2] ONS figures show 28, 269, 630 over 45’s living in UK. 1 in 10 = 2, 826, 963

[3] Research from London’s Queen Mary University reported side effects like severe stomach bleeding and ulcers which led to nearly 900 deaths a year. SOURCE:

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