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Ensure You’re Fighting Fit This Winter: Start From The Heart
by Dr Niamh O’Kennedy

We are typically living longer – by 2030 it is estimated that 25 % of Europeans will be over 65 – but this can bring with it long-term health problems. Even with a healthy lifestyle, simply being older puts extra stresses on the body. Our cardiovascular system, in particular, can be affected. But there is plenty we can do to support our cardiovascular system as we get older, before resorting to medication.

Why is it that even previously healthy people can quickly develop cardiovascular problems as they get older, which remain with them for the rest of their lives? Part of the answer involves blood platelets – tiny cell fragments which circulate in our blood vessels in their millions. These platelets’ main job is to stick together in case of injury, and stem blood loss. But blood platelets can become overactive, accelerating atherosclerosis, raising blood pressure, and causing dangerous blood clots inside the body.

Our bodies naturally produce chemicals which help to keep our platelets under control and circulating smoothly. The most potent of these is a tiny molecule called nitric oxide (NO). About 30% of all the NO produced by the body is used to calm our platelets, and much of the rest helps to keep our blood vessels relaxed, controlling blood pressure. Unfortunately, NO production decreases with age, and the natural cardioprotection it gives us decreases too. Without its calming action, blood platelets become hyperactive and less resilient to stress.

From the age of 40, we can all do with a helping hand to replace this lost protection, especially in the winter when our bodies can experience significant extra stress as they work harder to stay warm. Our blood viscosity goes up, platelet hyperactivity is highest, and heart attack numbers are greatest, in the winter months.

A new food supplement called Fruitflow®+ Omega-3 can help to fill the gap in our natural defences. Fruitflow® is an extract from the jelly around the seeds of sun-ripened tomatoes and is a completely natural, clinically proven dietary antiplatelet. This means it works to smooth the blood platelets, and so help to protect against their hyperactivity and unwanted blood clots.

Recent studies published in scientific journals have shown that Fruitflow® works in a similar way to aspirin, but more gently, so that it doesn’t cause the side effects which are so common among aspirin users. Combining it with omega-3 oil enhances its effects to include cholesterol lowering and heart health benefits. A healthy heart, and a healthy circulation, helps to keep our cardiovascular system in good overall condition, and helps us to live, not just longer, but healthier for longer.

Fruitflow+ Omega-3 is available to buy from and is priced at £14 for a subscription of 30 days worth of capsules.

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